Experience a Memorable Vacation Filled With Hidden Gems

We Offer High-End Wine Tours

Queen of Napa Valley™
VIP Napa Valley Platinum Level Wine Tours—A Luxury private tour company

Explore Some of the Finest Reserve Wine in Napa Valley

Creates luxury customized itinerary for the Napa Valley. We will craft your experience around the guests' wine preferences.

An exclusive tailored-made service not offered to the general public. Educational tours, taste reserved wines, and extravagant food pairings with exceptional sommeliers, owners, and winemakers. We are experts in arranging your Napa Valley trip from the beginning to the end.

A Welcoming to Remember—the Napa Valley.

Fly directly into the convenient Napa airport with your private jet, arranged through us. Explore the Napa Valley with exclusive limousine service, daily reserved wine tasting, and luxurious hotel reservations. Gourmet dining reservations at world-renowned restaurants.

This is an opportunity to explore and embrace a vacation of hidden gems and special secret experiences that only a few select individuals will enjoy. A tailor-made premium wine tour. Enjoy and learn from world-renowned winemakers the art of wine making, the joie de vivre, and the lifestyle of delicious terroir rich Napa Valley wines and food.

Every experience will resonate with you and all your senses of taste, smell, sight, feel, and sound of their unique and enlightening story.

This is a Vacation and Opportunity to go Deep Into The Heart of the Napa Valley

You will enjoy memories to last a lifetime and bring home many premium wines as well as gifts and treasures exclusive to this iconic wine region. A getaway that will change the way you think about wine and the Napa Valley forever. We look forward to arranging your perfect and relaxing trip to the Napa Valley for you.

About Me

Kim Schumacher Gardner, Certified Sommelier

Fifteen years in the Napa Valley wine industry specializing in the wine education within premier wineries. My passion is to present these exceptional wines to you and your friends in the most memorable way possible.